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Voyage LA Story: Daily Inspiration – Meet Caroline Gharis

Story with Caroline Gharis

Photo Work for Voyage LA

Last year I got the opportunity to be the official event photographer for Burbank Pride, and I met the fabulous Caroline Gharis. Caroline, the owner of CaroLINES & DOTS, captured my camera’s eye with her sparkly creations proudly displayed at her booth. 

Caroline is a proud queer and autistic and artist living in the Los Angeles area. Her fabulous works of art sparkled in the sunlight, and were matched by her shining personality. I had a great time chatting with Caroline at her booth, and we exchanged cards and kept in touch.

I was thrilled when she recently reached out to me to ask if she could share my photos with a magazine writing about her. (Shoutout for Caroline for being such an awesome person and asking!!)  The Voyage LA published this wonderful interview with Caroline. Give it a read and check out my featured photo!

Read the article and learn more:

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